Friday, 27 July 2007

Sex Files: WTF

We were preparing a WTF posting after reading Thursday's Sex Files column in the Toronto Sun when we learned it was the author's last hurrah.

The Bathroom Break column was a shock and awe bit of writing better suited for the pages of Penthouse Forum than a family newspaper.

The Inside the Sun blog says there were no "calls or e-mails of outrage or complaint" about the Sex Files topic as of 4 p.m., which probably says more about the developed lack of interest in the column than an acceptance of the subject.

Kudos to the Sun Media papers who opted not to publish the x-rated column.

It was the Edmonton-based columnist's final Sun column, says Inside the Sun. She is moving on to become a yoga instructor.

Not soon enough. She has left us with an indelible image of tensed up men and women taking secretive "bathroom breaks."

Who knows what Tanya Enberg, the new "sex, love and relationships" columnist, will be writing about when she comes aboard next week.

More columns on the level of "bathroom breaks" will surely alienate Sun readers with families who welcome the tabloid into their homes.

But alienating longtime loyal Toronto Sun readers is a favourite pastime these days, with one change after another. It is being morphed into an entirely different product.

So who is Tanya Enberg? She is a 24 hours import.

"Tanya Enberg is a Sun Media relationship columnist," says the 24 hours web site. "Her column Relatively Speaking appears weekly in 24 hours in Toronto and Vancouver. She also appears weekly on SUN TV's CANOE Live in Toronto."

There's that 24 hours influence creeping into the Sun scene again.

First impression of her online Relatively Speaking blog postings? She uses "I" excessively.

But that's just us.

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