Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Last call

Happy 40th one and all. 

Looking forward to reading today's 80-page special spearheaded by Toronto Sun vet Ian Robertson. We're hoping the Sun gave us proper credit for any TSF content used.

Meanwhile, it's now or never for Toronto Sun memories on the Toronto Sun Family blog.

We'll post any submissions of any length received by midnight tonight. 

TSF is receiving emails from readers thanking all of the current and former Sun employees who have shared their memories of the 40-year-old tabloid.  They do tell the story of "family."

The memories, the salutes to Day Oners and all of the TSF content posted in the past five years will remain active for newcomers wanting to know more about the history of the Toronto Sun and its siblings. There will be no new postings after we wind it up after the parties tonight.. 

But my new project won't be starting for a couple of months, so we'll give this a try: TSF visitors will be able to continue leaving comments in an Open Forum posting that will be set up tonight. 

Monitored comments will allow Sun Media employees a focused, collective voice on the Internet.

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