Sunday 19 May 2013

Terri Saunders, ex-Ottawa Sun reporter, dies

Updated July 6, 2013
An email to TSF from Rachele Labrecque, photojournalist: 

"My best friend Terri Saunders, a reporter at the Ottawa Sun, died last Sunday. She worked at the paper from 2007-2010. This was the highlight of her career.

"She left her job that she loved to move home to Newfoundland following her younger sister's death in 2010.

"She was an NNA nominee and won a couple ONAs while on staff at the Standard-Freeholder newspaper. She was there from 2000-2007.

"She worked at the weekly the Gander Beacon from 2011-present. The paper is based in Gander, Newfoundland.

"Could something about her be published on the blog?"

Thank you for your email, Rachele.

The Gander Beacon obit can be read here

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