Monday 19 August 2013

Andre Forget out as national photo editor

A reliable source tells TSF Andre Forget, an award-winning Sun Media photographer for more than 15 years, has been ousted as the chain's national photo editor.

"Forget ((@QMIshooter) covered the Hill ((#CDNpoli) and other national and local news in Ottawa," says the tipster. 

Andre's work can be viewed at:

Now who is Steve White, said to have replaced Andre?


  1. Seems like the quickest way to get punted from this company is to get a promotion...

  2. Well, Sun Media isn't known for appreciating their employees' hard work. I'm sure a lot of people found out the hard way.

  3. Steve White was a phto journalism instructor at Loyalist College back when the program was nowhere near as strong as it is now. White was, in the day, a portfolio/interpretative photographer sort, no real chops in photo journalism.

  4. Your reliable source is 12 months behind the times and has left out some important info with regards to the "ousting". Also, White has been a picture editor with CP for the past decade