Friday, 18 October 2013

Bob Burt provided this photo of the Windsor Mafia, a group of multi-talented Windsor Star newsmen. All but two were involved in the rising of the Toronto Sun.

It is an amazing, nostalgic photo when you realize the talent represented in this one photo.

Seated from left: Les Pyette, Cam Norton, Bob Burt, Vic Roschov. Standing from left: Bruce Blackadar, Ron Base, Brian Vallee, Ray Bennett and Mark Bonokoski. Cam, Bruce and Brian left us too soon. Ron, Mark and Les were at last night's party.

Bob Burt writes: "Sitting to my left is Vic Roschkov, Editorial cartoonist Windsor Star & Toronto Star. Standing in the back row is Ray Bennett, who went from Windsor to the Sunday Star, then to TV Guide in L.A. and now in London, Eng. working for an entertainment publication.

"I believe the pic was taken to accompany a 'Windsor boys doing well' piece being written about the Mafia in the Windsor Star. If memory serves, the Windsor writer was Al Halberstadt. He later became a city councillor there - don't know where he is anymore."

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