Friday, 13 February 2015

At 30 - Sun News Network

April 18, 2011-February 13, 2015.

Bye bye.


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    1. $20 mil a year for four years, flushed. So how many jobs could Quebecor have not cut over those four years had they not wasted $80 mil on this ego trip? If I was a Quebecor shareholder, I would be asking serious questions about the morons in the boardroom (albeit the main moron is in charge of Quebec's separatists now... ha!).

  2. How will I get my non-news? Oh well, guess I can watch the Comedy Network, far more accurate anyway.

  3. I feel bad for the countless producers, writers, etc who are out of work now, but seriously, who didn't see this coming? What a shame, considering the money they wasted on this endeavour could have been used to save their print division...

  4. In this day of mourning, let's remember the good times... Like when the Sun News employee harassed Anderson Cooper for an autograph on the day of the Ottawa shootings and Cooper slammed him saying he couldn't "believe a station would employ you."

    Apparently Cooper, like most Canadians, had never heard of Sun News Network either.

    Seriously, Google Vandon Gene if you haven't heard of this. (I hadn't until today.)

  5. Does this mean the five year "wage freeze" is over?

  6. Ha ha. five more years. the company that will own us has even less money than Stun Media. My family is very accustomed to living within our means, working for Stun Media means never getting a raise only bad news.

  7. I think that the most exquisitely hilarious piece of the story that is being overlooked here is this:

    You people got beat... and I mean seriously beat... you know, 'scooped', "smashed", "beat-down", "ass-f*cked"... by your competition (the hated CBC! who you have worked so tirelessly to destroy) on a story that originated IN YOUR OWN HOUSE.

    Seriously, there wasn't a peep about this in any of the print pubs for at least two days after the fact.

    1. we were told nothing from any managers, just business as usual, even during the failed attempt to sell to zoomer. were there rumblings and suspicions? sure. verifiable and reportable facts? no.

      our official email came a minute after the mcr went to black.