Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Open Forum: Spring/Summer 2018

The beat goes on, but with fewer TSF blog insiders, the pulse is much weaker. 


  1. The pulse is weaker because those left continue to be weakened by the perpetual drain. It’s hard to be lively when Dracula is sucking you dry.

    Praying for a package is a thought. If it’s a possibility is another thing.

  2. Still appreciate this site as it is the only real way to connect and see what is happening as many of us have moved on to greener pastures. So sad to see what mismanagement has done to this once fine institution.

  3. Competition bureau now looking into recent transactions between Torstar and Post Media.

    1. Too little, to late. One can hope charges and jail time come out of the investigation. More likely the two companies will just be hit with a fine.

  4. Made it through another quarter...barely.
    financials are out. Guess what revenue is down, go figure