Wednesday 29 December 2021

On October 14, 2021, a dozen men and women who were in the trenches for the rising of the Toronto Sun on Nov. 1. 1971, gathered for a Day Oners reunion on Zoom. 
Moderated by Mike Strobel, edited by Peter Welsh and produced by John Cosway, these are their memories of a most memorable Halloween weekend 50 years ago.

Sunday 12 September 2021

Toronto Sun In Memoriams 1971-2021

In this 50th year of the Toronto Sun, we remember many of the deceased men and women from all departments who helped grow the little paper that grew. 
Most were employed under the management of founders Doug Creighton, Peter Worthington and Don Hunt. 
Researched by John Cosway, a 19-year employee, with the assistance of numerous Toronto Sun Family group members.
Into the Sunset 1
Toronto Sun In Memoriam: Day Oners 9m
Into the Sunset 2
Toronto Sun In Memoriam: Over the Decades 40m


Kudos to the numerous Toronto Sun Family members who assisted in providing many of the 150-plus photos, plus birth and death dates, required for the In Memoriams in the past eight months.

It has been truly a family effort in memory of the many colleagues we lost along the way, far too many gone before their time.

If you know the email addresses of relatives of deceased colleagues, please share the YouTube page links with them.