Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Pbull petition

Critics around the world are signing a petition over Andy Donato's recent pit bull cartoon.

Donato probably hasn't received this much global exposure since he stuck a flag up an Iranian dictator's ass.

The joy of the Toronto Sun advertising boycott petition site is it includes a link to Andy's cartoon, providing Andy with wider global exposure.

Folks in France, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Argentina, Australia, Germany, Italy, Romania, Israel, Belgium, the U.S. and Canada have signed the online petition.

It begins:

"We, the undersigned, will boycott the companies and businesses who advertise in the Toronto Sun until they demand fair and unbiased reporting in regards to Pit Bulls and their owners."

The target is 1,000 names. Early today, there were 206.

How many are in a position to actually boycott Sun advertisers is another story.


  1. Nothing like controversy to sell newspapers.....we all know that...

    However, speaking as an inadvertent pitbull owner ( it's a shame we do get stereotyped.

    Am I going to sign a petition?

    Nah. Let sleeping poodles lie. They're the really dangerous ones.

  2. I have to say I met one real sweet pitbull in the 20 year history of our dog park. She belonged to a Naked News reader named Zoey.
    On the other hand, the two pitbulls that my Wheaten has tangled with twice ($500 stitch-up the first time, $700 the other) belonged to a guy who looked very much like the biker in Donato's cartoon, minus the helmet. Animal Control eventually came down on this guy, and we ended up exchanging unpleasantries over my snitching.
    Living next to an offleash park as I do, I have seen scores of dogs do the Alpha thing and fight for a few seconds to settle the pecking order. With every other breed, it's mostly a quick statement, one concedes and that's it.
    Once in fighting mode, pitbulls rip by instinct. Yes, they can be sweet, but like any other dog, something can set them off. Dachsunds or poodles may have a higher rate of biting, but I'm pretty sure one's not going to take my face off.