Tuesday, 11 May 2010

TorSun hiring

A TSF tipster writes:

"Are you keeping an eye on the Sun Media Toronto job listings? One reporter, one part-time reporter and one associate editor, sports. Hmm."

No, but hmm, indeed. Positive manpower news out of 333 for a change.

The Toronto Sun is hiring one full-time reporter and a part-time reporter. Both jobs "involve shift work, including nights and weekends."

The ad reads:

"The Toronto Sun is seeking aggressive, multi-media reporters to cover general assignment news in one of North America’s most competitive media markets.

"Qualifications: We are looking for a reporter with a proven track record of generating exclusive content through dogged legwork, key contacts and who can demonstrate exceptional ability to write tabloid style quickly on a broad range of complex subjects.

"Candidates must also possess the skill set to meet our multi-platform demands filing stories, photographs and video for the web in addition to blogging and writing more traditional news stories and features."

Resumes to James Wallace, Interim Editor in Chief, The Toronto Sun, 333 King Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 3X5. Email: james.wallace@sunmedia.ca. Ref: TOR-10-008 for the full-time position, TOR-10-010 for the part-time position.

Also wanted: A full-time associate sports editor to work with sports editor Bill Pierce and his team. Application deadline is May 26.

The Sun Media posting reads:

"Qualifications: Candidates will possess exceptional design as well as editing skills, have a rounded knowledge of sports and a passion to continue to build the best sports section in the city.

"This is a management position and requires flexible hours."

Resumes to: Bill Pierce, Sports Editor, The Toronto Sun, 333 King Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 3X5. Email: bill.pierce@sunmedia.ca. Reference number TOR-10-009.

Three hirings do not compensate for the large number of jobs lost in the past decade, but jobs are jobs.


  1. Anyone else notice that most Sunmedia hirings are either a) part-timers or b) management? That and a laundry list of qualifications from journalistic perfection to advanced multi-media skills that are less than commensurate with the salary.

  2. TSF, can you do a posting asking how many Sun employees use their own laptop, Blackberry, cellphone, etc.?

    Our boss seems to think we should be using our own equipment as he wants "constant" Twitters and webpage updates while out on assignment. I asked if we get compensated for it (ie. insurance, damage, stolen, etc) and all I got was a blank stare and a response. "NO."

    Why should I use my own equipment - my laptop is not cheap - and pay my own cell rates, etc. and not get compensated? Who else in this company does this?

    All we hear is "web first" and get the news online first yet they don't give us the tools to do so.

  3. The Sun associate sports editor is a union member, so now the union is short a body. They already had someone is mind, after their other choices -- former Sun staffers, mind you -- said no. The Ent department is now a man down.

  4. How do you like the job posting for Brockville "page builders"? Copy editors are going the way of the dodo at this company. Forget $45 an hour when you can pay someone without a journalism degree or newspaper experience $18. Pathetic.

    Page Builders

    Sun Media is seeking page builders to paginate pages for the chain’s community daily and weekly newspapers at the east region pagination centre.

    Reporting to the centre’s editorial co-ordinator(s), these layout editors will design broadsheet and tabloid pages including news, entertainment and sports. Graphics work will also be required. Experience in the publishing industry an asset.

    This position involves working afternoons and evenings, as well as some weekends.

    The location is Brockville, Ontario.

    Qualifications include:

    · Strong design and graphics skills

    · Proficient knowledge of InDesign CS and/or QuarkXPress and Photoshop

    Interested applicants should send their resumes by May 28, 2010 to the attention of:

    Steve Serviss

    Regional Managing Editor

    The Kingston Whig-Standard

    E-mail: sserviss@thewhig.com

    Please quote first and last name and reference number BPC-10-023 in the subject line.

    Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls or agencies please.

  5. How about this sad job posting from Ottawa? Only three years needed to be on their city desk and guide their reporters? Pathetic. But hey, at least they need to have a "reliable" car.

    Deputy City Editor
    The Ottawa Sun is looking for a Deputy City Editor. Reporting to the Assistant Managing Editor, you are an accomplished wordsmith, a competent coach and an ideas person with strong news judgment.

    Specifically, we are looking for the ability to:

    · Provide regular feedback to reporters
    · Spot holes and errors in stories and work with reporters to resolve them
    · Work with other editors to develop enterprise and exclusive stories and features
    · Juggle multiple tasks
    · Edit and post copy to the web

    The Ottawa Sun is an aggressive newspaper in a large market. We produce news for several different platforms and we have a strong web first philosophy. It is a high pressure job. It is a go-go work culture that requires a love of journalism and great organizational skills.

    · Candidates should have three years of newspaper experience. You are perhaps a senior reporter who has desk experience and is looking to take the next step. Or you are already there but looking to work in a bigger market.

    You have a reliable car and a valid driver's licence. There are regular weekend and night shifts. This is a management position.

    If you are interested in this position, please send your resume and a cover letter by Friday, May 28, 2010 to the attention of:

    Don Ermen
    Assistant Managing Editor
    The Ottawa Sun

    E-mail: donald.ermen@sunmedia.ca

    Please quote reference number OTT-10-003 in the subject line.