Friday, 19 July 2013

Is the 1903 Eclipse building doomed?

It has been nine months since David Mirvish unveiled plans for a massive facelift for King Street West. The project would include demolition of the Princess of Wales Theatre and the nearby Eclipse White Wear Company Building.

All has been quiet on the Mirvish front until the pending sale of Honest Ed's at Bathurst and Bloor and nearby Mirvish real estate was announced this week. Funds needed for the King Street West redevelopment?

Makes us wonder if the Eclipse building, home to the Toronto Sun from its launch on Nov. 1, 1971, until the summer of 1975, will soon vanish.

Hundreds of Sun employees and former employed crammed into the Eclipse building in November of 1992 to celebrate Doug Creighton's 64th birthday just weeks after he was ousted.

During the party, it was announced if $200 was paid to the Toronto Historical Society, a commemorative plaque would be added to the Eclipse building tagging it as the birthplace of the Sun.

Dropped by the building a few times over the years and it appears that plaque was never paid for and attached to the building.

If and when the Eclipse building is demolished, sentimental Sun vets interested in owning a piece of newspaper history should be offered a piece of 322 King Street West.

A brick, perhaps? Surviving Toronto Sun Day Oners and those who followed might cherish a piece of the building. Once it is gone, it is gone.  

If there is a countdown to demolition, TSF will round up favourite photos of the Eclipse building for a photo album.

A 2012 National Post photo by the late former Sun photographer Mike Cassese shows the proud white Eclipse building and the nearby Princess of Wales Theatre.  

And a Toronto Star story profiles buildings in the way of the major facelift.


  1. Are we friends with Mayor Rob Ford? Lets try to get him to get the plaque up PDQ, maybe even declare it an historical site.

  2. Hey, Cos, send me a couple of bricks west and what's more the cheque is in the mail (soon)... BTW: Whatever happened to Farb's Car Wash and the Dirty Spoon?