Monday, 15 July 2013

James Wallace exits as Toronto Sun EIC

James Wallace has resigned as editor-in-chief of the Toronto Sun.

So goes another veteran Sun staffer from the ever-shrinking numbers at 333.

Here is Steve Ladurantaye's Globe and Mail story on his departure.

The Globe story says: James Wallace, a former reporter and columnist with the paper who was appointed to the job in 2008, told staff he would be stepping down Monday afternoon. Executives at Sun Media, who own the Toronto tabloid, didn’t respond to requests for comment but confirmed his departure.

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  1. Good wishes??? Are you kidding?? More like good riddance!! Ever since he came back to the Sun he was nothing but a Quebecor management stooge!! He had long since forgotten his Sun roots!! See ya, don't let the door hit in the ass - actually, on second thought....

  2. To the contrary. Jamie saved many jobs by being open and imaginative to things like budget juggling to offset layoffs (as he did during last December's bloodletting) and the creation of an in-house copy mill in Toronto - a selling job that saved 30 positions and staved off a plan to outsource them to the Philippines. Many people working there now still have their jobs because of him. He worked closely with the union and was a stand-up guy. We've lost an ally in management.
    Jim Slotek
    Toronto Sun Unit Chair
    Local 87-M

    1. Jim, I second that, since I was also involved in some of those discussions. He always thought of the people in the newsroom first and we worked closely together to save jobs. What existed in that newsroom was a model of cooperation that should exist in every workplace. That model of cooperation kept us unique among the units in 87M. You called it right, he is stand-up guy.

  3. He's landed at Postmedia. Starts Sept. 9.