Thursday, 9 April 2015

Free Sun book for TSFers

Julie Kirsh, our tireless master of the Toronto Sun library, has a deal for 200-plus TSFers - a free copy of Jean Sonmor's 1993 book The Little Paper That Grew.

"I have 200, maybe more," Julie says. They are free for the asking but have to be picked up at 333.

The best years of the Toronto Sun were 1971 through 1993 and this 408-page book includes mention of many of the Sun legends and their stories.

It was about to be published when Doug was ousted. He was gracious in rewriting his introduction: "When Jean Sonmor asked me to write an introduction to her 20 year history of the Toronto Sun, I had no idea that she would have to rewrite the last chapter to include my dismissal."

Rumour has it the remnants of the Little Paper That Grew will be moving out of 333 now that Sun Media has been sold to PM. If you do not have Jean's book, now is the time to pick up a mint condition copy.

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