Thursday, 2 April 2015

TSF: One million visits

The Toronto Sun Family blog, launched in 2006, has topped the one million visits mark, with almost two million page views.

That speaks volumes for the interest in the roots and early growth of the Toronto Sun and its siblings and the relentless Quebecor downsizing since 1999.

Most of the reliable tipsters who kept TSF informed of happenings at their Sun Media newspapers have been laid off or have moved on to other jobs.

A change in ownership this year will bring to an end the blog as a means of reporting Sun Media activities, but we will still have memories of the glory years to share.

Thanks a million for your interest in this blog.


  1. Thank you for keeping the only legitimate channel of communication open for those left behind and those of us who have found greener pastures.

  2. I agree, this (sadly) is far more open and communicative than our company ever has been. If only they had understood the wealth of talent and knowledge they had at their disposal. The open concept of communication is NOT exaggerated, it works wonders. Better to have everyone pushing in the right direction versus having some pulling the opposite way. Best of luck this year to all so to be Post Media folks, lets hope is a better ride than we are used to.

  3. As long as they get rid of the mechanism PKP's inept management created, things will improve. All his yes-men in corporate 333 have to go. Hopefully they do not weasel their way into new jobs. I doubt it, because they aren't smart or talented, but you never know....

  4. So on the eve of the sale being finalized, Post Media announces its latest financials...and they are brutal.

    I wonder what's going to be left of Sun Media in six months time.

  5. More than a little worrisome. Makes me wonder how many expense synergies they will be able to find once they get the keys. Lots more expense...very little money coming in.

  6. Godfrey keeps saying the newsrooms won't be merged but really....Any savvy or just-average businessman is going to see so much of the copy produced (because both operations are largely centralized) is exactly the same.

    Do you need both a Post Media writer and a Sun writer to review the same movie or album? To write the gamer off a Stanley Cup final? To cover the same court trial? To get the same quotes from the same celebrity at some LA junket? To go to the same promotional event for some life-related product launch? Because that's essentially what keeping the news operations separate would mean.

    If I was drowning in red ink, there is no way I wouldn't carve into all that duplication and instead emphasize the difference of the brands. So the Sun papers should be right-of-centre political opinion, sports commentary and local crime, with everything else shared PM/SM content. Gutting the Canoe, QMI and nationalized Sun Media operations, which no one at the Sun papers respect anyway, should be a no-brainer from a business perspective.

    Focus on the content that differentiates your brand, not the stuff that is exactly the same as what the Post Media papers and online operations are also producing.