Thursday 29 November 2007

Mr. P? 24 Hours

Question of the day: Did 24 Hours refer to PKP as "Mr. Peladeau" in Thursday's story about the new out of reverence, or was it just sloppy cut and paste journalism?

We're thinking cut and paste, line of least resistance journalism.

Sun Media's style for names has always been first and last name for first mention and last name only thereafter. Globe style is Mr. Smith, Sun, Star and Post style is Smith.

"It's bad enough they run the press release verbatim, doesn't anyone at least edit it for style?" a 24 Hours reader asks TSF in an e-mail.

Critics of free newspapers say they tend to lower the quality of journalism. Publishing press releases with little, if any, editing is Exhibit A for their argument.

Right, Peladeau?

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