Saturday 22 December 2007

Sun Copps out

Sun Media op-ed columnists are dropping like media barons and the credibility of U.S. presidents and Canadian prime ministers.

Sheila Copps, a Liberal who has spent two years airing her views in the Conservative tabloid chain, signed off in today's column.

"'Tis the season to be jolly. But my ho ho hos are tempered by the fact that today is my last column for this esteemed news organization," says Copps. "It has been a blast."

What isn't clear in her column is whether her departure is voluntary, or the Sun decided not to renew her contract.

Could this content in her column be a clue:

"Having been on the receiving end of vitriol from time to time, I have generally tried to refrain from columnist hyperbole. But I know my pen has cut deeply into some.

"To those I may have unfairly damaged, I am sorry."

Whatever. Op-ed page faces are a-changing.

Sheila is the third op-ed columnist to leave Sun Media in recent weeks, but at least she says her goodbyes to readers. Rachel Marsden and Calgary's Licia Corbella parted company rather suddenly and without farewells.

"This newspaper gave me the privilege to combine my passion for writing with my political experience," Copps says in her final column. "For that I am especially grateful. I want to thank my editors, in particular Rob Granatstein for his incisive, and cogent edits."

A TSF tipster recently e-mailed to say three more Sun columnists would be gone by January and that was after Marsden's departure.

So if that is two down and one to go, who is next?

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