Tuesday 22 January 2008

30 - George Rennie

George Rennie, an Edmonton Sun Day Oner in 1978 and a Toronto Sun pre-press tech whiz for 12 years, died from cancer at his Oakville home on Saturday. He was 56.

In a Toronto Sun obit, Linda Leatherdale, Toronto Sun Money Editor, said she met George when both worked at the Edmonton Sun and the two remained lifelong friends.

“George was the sweetest, kindest guy you’d ever want to meet,” Linda said in the obit.

When the Edmonton Sun was launched on April 2, 1978, George, born in Scotland, was there and eager to do the Sun proud. In 1995, 17 years later, the Toronto Sun beckoned.

“George played a huge role in the technological transformation the Sun’s undergone in the past decade,” said George Vasilopolous, his friend and successor as pre-press director.

He is survived by his wife, Trish, a son, Liam, a daughter, Tracy, and mother, Annie.

Family, friends and colleagues with memories of George to share can e-mail their memories to TSF.

Memories of George

Nancy Stewart, Toronto Sun ad production manager: "I feel compelled to write about George, not only because he was our director of pre-press for 12 years, but because he left a lasting impression on all of us. He was a man who took an interest in his staff, took to heart each and every one of our different situations, and made an effort to make it work.

He had an infectious smile that you had to return, even after heavy discussions on change or modifications. And laugh, he could laugh the laugh of five men, and with that twinkle in his eye you knew he loved life, his job, his family.

George will truly be missed and we will remember him above all with a smile. A good and gentle man, taken too soon."

Lorrie Goldstein, senior associate editor: "I got to know George a bit when we were both department heads attending the weekly publisher's meetings. I was always struck by his friendly manner and his ability to see the light side of things, even in tough times.

On a couple of occasions when I would emerge from those meetings with what I thought were the worries of the world on my shoulders, George would crack me up with a joke as we were taking the elevator back to our respective offices.

I was sorry to hear George was ill and I extend my sincere condolences to his family . He was one of the folks who made the Sun shine."

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