Thursday 6 March 2008

Top 10 update

We have dusted off TSF's Top 10 Headlines posted in September to add a new gem found on the front page of today's Toronto Sun - Pink Finks Sink Rinks.

The latest Sun head gem from veteran desker Lew Fournier was good enough to get radio play on Mike Stafford's popular 640 talk show today.

"Lew writes many of our gems," says a TSF tipster.

Our updated list:

(1) Headless Body In Topless Bar - New York Post (author unknown) written in April 1983 for a front page story about a "maniac" who forced a patron to decapitate the bartender.

(2) Queen of Mean has room in tomb - Toronto Sun (author, the ever modest Lew Fournier) written in 2007 following the death of New York hotels billionaire and ex-con Leona Helmsley, 87.)

(3) Homeless man under house arrest - unknown U.S. newspaper (author unknown) sent to the Tonight Show in 2007 for Jay Leno's headlines segment.

(4) Pink Finks Sink Rinks - Toronto Sun front page 02/02/08 (author, another gem from Lew Fournier) re left-leaning councillors closing outdoor municipal hockey rinks.

(5) Chump Chomps Champ - Calgary Sun (submitted by Lyle Harvey who says: "This gem was written by the multi-talented Kevin Franchuk of the Calgary Sun after the infamous Tyson-Holyfield ear-biting incident of 1997.")

(6) The wurst is yet to come - Ottawa Sun (submitted by Mark Bonokoski, who wrote it in the mid-90s while op-ed page editor. It was for his column about a tabloid libel case in England, which involved a starlet, a German sausage etc. )

(7) Bears say Packers fudged injuries - Toronto Sun (submitted by Bob Bishop, who credits John Fitz-Gerald on the sports desk and adds: "Believe me, that head is legend among those of us of a certain era at the Sun.")

(8) Firefighters save farmer's ass - Toronto Sun (author, yep, veteran Sun desker Lew Fournier) for an AP story about Minnesota firefighters saving a donkey from the bottom of a farmer's well.

(9) Meal almost becomes cereal killer - Toronto Sun (author, you guessed it, Lew Fournier) for a London, Ont. story about a Hwy. 401 motorist who lost control of his car while eating cereal.

(10) Tussle with bare clause - Ottawa Sun (author unknown, submitted by Ottawa Sun staffer Neate Sager who says "it was for a story about the City of Ottawa trying to pass a new regulation with strip clubs and the owners talking about losing business to Gatineau.")

Do you have a favourite?

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