Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Kingston Whig -9

More cuts this week, this time nine employees in the Kingston Whig Standard's production department.

"The Whig lost nine out of their production department today (Tuesday)," says a TSF tipster.

The ever shrinking former Osprey Media newspapers are being hit by layoffs almost weekly as more and more positions are moved to the new regional offices in Barrie, London, Woodstock etc.

Where's the bottom for Sun Media layoffs, closures, papers merging, dropping days from publishing schedules etc?

Much more to come from PKP et al, apparently.


  1. evidently PKP has to make space in the lineup for the Habs

  2. Our pre-press guys are having a hard time doing a few papers. Since all of them look the same, there are days they have no clue what paper they are working on. It's only a matter of time before ads go in the wrong paper, or the wrong pages go in the wrong paper. Way to go PKP