Saturday, 9 January 2010

333 Loblaws?

An anonymous TSF reader says the first floor of the recently sold Toronto Sun building will become a Loblaws store later this year.

Everything from soup to nuts . . .

TorSun/Canoe staffers huddled in a rented corner of the second floor wouldn't have far to go for soups, salads and bottled water.

Makes us wonder how the remainder of 333, built in 1975 by the then independent tabloid, will be carved up by the new owner.

An employment agency on the sixth floor, where all of the Sun execs used to work their magic, would be convenient.


  1. Great. Now when people ask us where we work, we can say: "Upstairs from the Loblaw's across the street from Betty's."

    But at least it solves the problem of where we're going to get food and coffee when they get rid of Red's.

  2. Wonder if Loblaws will be hiring. I will for sure send in an application to work there. How ironic!!!!!!