Sunday 25 July 2010

Margolis interview

Eric Margolis explains his departure from Sun Media in an online interview, saying his contract runs for another three weeks and then it's back to New York City.

"My contract has been ended, and I'm too heretical even for this chain that has carried me for 27 years" says Margolis.

After explaining Sun Media's proposed pro-Harper Fox North platform, he says:

"Heretics like me who question war in Afghanistan, or deficit spending, or any of these other things are being shown the door (by Sun Media.)"

Is a farewell Sun column after 27 years in the cards? Stay tuned.

Margolis says during the Scott Horton interview he is heading home.

"I am looking to get myself another apartment in my native hometown of New York City."

Noting he is banned from the Wall Street Journal, he says: "It is not easy being an outspoken person in today's American media."


  1. Its a real shame ignoramus types have taken over that chain.

  2. Sun Media is unloading one of its best and its brightest! What a shame. Our loss! What is happening to our country?!

  3. "It is not easy being an outspoken person in today's American media."

    Ha! Is Margolis smoking something I don't have access to? Being belligerently outspoken is the only requisite to being in American media these days.

    Even though I disagree with him on 99% of what he writes, I think Margolis' problem is that he has a world view that is about 15 years past it's best-before date. I like his take on things, I just don't think it's relative today.

  4. I wonder which Canadian paper(s) will pick up what the Sun chain's tossed aside. We need his voice in the national conversation as much as ever.

  5. I won't miss him. He's showing his love for Canada... 27 years and he's back in NY the day after his job ends.

  6. Was anyone even reading Margolis anymore?? Not anyone I know. Maybe that had more to do with it..

  7. Ya..thats right Eric...after 27 years they just "now" decided that your writing didnt suit their political slant. I kept trying to read his columns and makes sense of them but it was getting harder and harder to understand his logic, so, I assume his boss's felt the same way.
    FYI Eric..if they disagreed with any of your opinions and didnt want you to write the way you felt dont you think you would have been canned oh I dont know...26 years ago? Go quietly with a little dignity please...for your own sake.

  8. Sorry, Margolis is very relevant... more than ever before. Which is why he was let go. He scares some people. And you do not fear someone who is irrelevant.

    Whether I agree with the man all the time or not (where I'm qualified to do so; funny how this ingredient gets forgotten) is not the point -- he is a sharp writer.

  9. This is the Sun Media's loss,period.To all those meatheads who posted senseless and groundless comments after Eric's story,I really feel sorry for you as you have no life...and never will have.You are exactly what politicians want...useful idiots.

  10. It's quite amazing that when Quebecor does something patently stupid PKP apologists will come storming out of the woodwork.
    His world view is "15 years out of date." What on Earth does that mean?
    "Is anyone reading Margolis any more?" Just people around the world.
    "He's showing his love for Canada... 27 years and he's back in NY the day after his job ends."
    And why would he stay here? The job's over. He also has a place in Banff.
    Quebecor shows him no loyalty whatsoever, and you expect Eric to do what exactly?
    One can look forward to Quebecor's replacement for Eric: Some new J-school graduate scalping think pieces from papers like Dawn, one of Pakistan's leading paper. With any luck he or she just might steal something from one of Eric's columns, which run in that paper. I guess Dawn or scores of other outlets do not consider his world view as outdated.
    Judging from the comments slagging Eric, their authors are strangers to newsrooms. Their comments really smell of Quebecor flackery.

  11. Margolis is being given the boot now, and not 26 years ago, because of the times we live in. The action is heating up. And the Toronto Sun is consciously becoming a right-wing-only mouthpiece.

    How about those Afghanistan War documents being leaked? Mr. Margolis' columns are looking better all the time.

  12. Margolis knows too much for the likes of Sun Media. You can't have people that actually know the history, the truth, and can connect dots around when you want to shout shit into a bunch of empty vessels.

  13. pierre devinat29 July 2010 at 17:00

    Very sad to see disappear a sane mind in this crazy world. A dime a dozen say a few commentators how uninformed they are, unable to recognize the knowledge, experience and intelligence of Mr. Margolis.

  14. Very well put,Pierre...I could not have said it better myself.I can't think of any journalist that can match the intelligence and objectiveness of Mr. Eric one.

  15. don't let the door etc.

  16. Mr Margolis is a very well spoken gentleman with whom I personally have disagreed for many years. His ideology and worldview are completely alien to me. That being said, his departure from Sun Media is a bit of a shock as I always felt they kept him around as the token liberal wingnut they could point to as example of their diversity. He should, however, have the grace and dignity to leave on a professional note, not whinning like a little girl.

    Jim Kelly