Monday, 14 March 2011

Kathleen Harris out

Kathleen Harris
Kathleen Harris was spared the pink slip last June when Sun Media decided to clean house at its Ottawa bureau, but the axe fell last week. 

"I am no longer with Sun Media/QMI," Harris, Sun Media's former national/parliamentary bureau chief,  has tweeted. "Please keep in touch."

She doesn't explain her departure on Twitter but a TSF tipster says she was let go.

Harris was Sun Media's parliamentary bureau chief when demoted in an op-ed purge that saw Greg WestonElizabeth Thompson, Christina Spencer, Peter Zimonjic and Eric Margolis eventually leave the building.   

Quebecor said this about Harris in demoting the Toronto born and raised reporter last June after seven years on The Hill:

"Quebecor Media and Sun Media Corporation would like to thank Kathleen Harris for her leadership as Bureau Chief. Ms. Harris will continue to play an important role in the Sun Media National Bureau."

Well, at least until last week.

All the best Kathleen.


  1. One of the last columns that she wrote
    was about the Mounties blowing $47M in just under 2 years protecting Harper. After having read the column it seemed rather 'fair & balanced' but could have 'reflected negatively' on the PMO. Obviously, this is not the 'fair & balanced' that Quebecor and the newly minted Fox News North cares for. Can't wait for the 'meat puppets' at SunNews to start spewing their Pro-Harper agenda.

  2. Another talented, dedicated journalist gone. Quebecor never ceases to amaze.

  3. Speaking of former Ottawa Sun diggers, Jorge Barrera and Kenneth Jackson broke the Bruce Carson story on APTN (the former adviser to the PMO lobbying for First Nations water deals in order to pad the bank account of his escort girlfriend). A post seems in order.