Tuesday 19 April 2011

30: John Jamieson

John Jamieson
John Jamieson, an interim Toronto Sun publisher for six months after Les Pyette retired in 2002, has died at 61 during a Barbados vacation. 

A Toronto Sun story says Jamieson, a "numbers man" hired by Quebecor as director of finance in 1995, died on Thursday.

Jamieson, father of two, joined the Toronto Sun in 2001 as vice-president of finance and left in 2005 to launch a new Investors Group position as financial planner and adviser, says the Sun story. 

“This is a huge loss,” said Piero Menicucci, the current VP of finance for the Sun. “He was a real family person. I would imagine his family is struggling considerably with it. He will be missed by everyone.”

Menicucci says after leaving 333, Jamieson often dropped by with investment advice.

“He was very honourable, you could trust his financial integrity,” Menicucci says in the Sun story. “He was very well-respected.”

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