Tuesday 1 November 2011

Gail Zangen

Memories of the Toronto Sun - Gail Zangen 

Thanks to Wayne Janes for posting a comment on Facebook about this blog. I spent the morning reading the posts and catching up with the Sun Family. It all brings back many memories.

It is true that many of the back office staff are missing in the comments. I hope they are aware of the blog too. Spreading the word is so much easier today, but so much time has passed in between when it wasn't as easy.

I worked at the Sun from March 1972 to June 1979 supervising the business data processing and operations.

I have many fond memories of the Sun. It is at the top of the list best jobs ever! The sense of family was felt throughout.

Working directly with Nancy, Vivian and Valerie, we started the Data Processing Department within accounting. We had the challenges of automating the advertising billing, circulation delivery and accounting systems.

Time has made it hard to remember everyone. But conversations with Buddy - 'Buy Gold' and make chicken soup - are still with me. And thanks Buddy, I did buy some gold. Also, Art, Tom, Bruce, Bob, Peggy and many more were in the accounting department at the time.

Working with Maggie Fowler was amazing. She introduced me to a whole new world with her vast knowledge of the offset production systems.

Trudy's breaking the glass ceiling is wonderful, she earned and deserved a place at the table.

We worked hard and played hard. I was a terrible player, but thoroughly enjoyed our girls softball games with Trudy, Sue, Diane K, Diane C and many others.

Participating in the Edmonton Sun opening was a highlight, sharing the energy and enthusiasm of the growth of the paper. Setting up the data communications for the back office was also a new experience. Reconnecting with Edmonton friends with social media has been fun.

I still have my Sun memorabilia . . . first day editions, gold charms, mugs, pictures, a farewell caricature by Andy Donato, and anniversary sweatshirts that I wear to this day.

The sadness in some the posts address another unknown era coming for the Sun. 

Here's to the strength, wisdom and energy of years gone by to bring support to the future of The Little Paper That Grew.

Thanks for the memories.

Gail Zangen

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