Tuesday 6 August 2013

The day Lou Grant was senior city editor

Peter Worthington used to say one of the many events that separated the tabloid Toronto Sun from most other print media was the day Lou Grant, aka Ed Asner, worked the city desk.

Lou, hired by Doug and Peter as senior city editor, arrived in the newsroom on March 23, 1979. City Editor Bob Burt surrendered his chair for the fun day.

We recapped the day in a previous TSF post in 2007 - http://torontosunfamily.blogspot.ca/2007/01/mr-lou-grant.html - but we were not aware a Peter Gross bit with Lou for CITY-TV was posted on YouTube in 2011. It is a must-view for Sun vets. Familiar faces are in the background watching Lou and Peter doing their bit.

We are not sure who posted the CITY-TV clip, but many thanks. It brings back memories of a day in the Sun that is still talked about more than 30 years later.

BTW:  How many Sun types in the background can you identify?

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  1. It also harkens back to a time when the Sun wasn't so hogtied by its political leanings. These days someone like Ed Asner probably wouldn't be allowed in the parking lot, never mind the Sun newsroom.