Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Odds & ends

A former Edmonton Sun political columnist is suing the Sun Media tabloid for $2.28 million, says the Edmonton Journal. The paper says Kerry Diotte claims he was demoted from his Alberta legislature reporting job following an argument with the paper's editor over coverage.

The Ottawa Sun has hired Tony Spears, a first-year intern at the Ottawa Citizen, to fill one of the newsroom vacancies. A TSF tipster says Spears, a McGill grad who has been at the Citizen for about eight months, becomes a general assignment reporter next Monday.

Sun Media has apparently created a new job requirement for GA reporters. In addition to their regular beats, they are assigned a "shadow beat." A tipster says when a reporter is on vacation or sick, the GA with the shadow beat covers for the reporter.

The Toronto Sun had another annoying false front the other day for a car ad, but this time you could remove it and toss it aside and not miss anything of editorial value front or back.


  1. Re: The Sun

    If we could sue for getting screwed over by an editor ... well, there'd be a lot of rich reporters out there.

  2. So the 'shadow' GA (i.e. everyone) does two jobs instead of one when another reporter is away? If it's the latter, I just saw Sun Media's rationale for cutting the staff every newsroom they have in half.

  3. ... and quality gets cut in half in the process.