Thursday, 5 September 2013

New paper for Petrolia

Another new independent free Ontario newspaper was born today in Petrolia, competition for Sun Media's Petrolia Topic. It is appropriately called the Independent.

Update on the launch by Heather Wright, a former Sun Media freelance writer: A CTV report:

TSF received these anonymous postings today:

"The Independent in Petrolia launched today. Respected journalist who once freelanced for Sun before those funds began drying out. In competition with the Sun's Petrolia Topic which has been sliding badly. Wonder if the Independent will publish the Topic's obit soon."


"Just heard her that a new newspaper is opening in Petrolia (southwest Ontario) to compete with the Sun Media Petrolia Topic. Haven't lived in Lambton County for years, but I know my mother sure is happy to see another newspaper in her town. Guess she won't need to renew her Topic again, this is a free paper to every household in Petrolia and area.

"Anyone hear more about who is running the paper? I would guess former Sun Media folks, there certainly are a few in the neck of the woods."


  1. Well mom loved the first edition, and she will not be renewing her subscription. She thinks it's been 30 plus years that she's read the Topic. Week one, one new reader, way to go Independent, go get'em!

  2. So excited by this. I believe there will soon be a thriving independent weekly in every community once again!!

  3. Let's see if PKP tries to compete with these new independent papers. My feeling: probably not since he doesn't realize the value of the assets he had and let slip away.
    The Topic has been sliding since they closed up their office in Petrolia a few years ago and let its sole reporter cover the town from Sarnia.

  4. Well if they were going to compete, you'd think they would have started by now. Visited Petrolia yesterday, wow do they love the new paper. Lots of ads (given the size of Petrolia) lots of colour, on every page. Looked at the Topic this weekend and well, it's more than disappointing that Sun Media would even think of taking money for the very poor product they are putting out. At least when The Topic closes the town won't be left high and dry.