Saturday, 7 September 2013

PC's Hudak hires Bonokoski

We didn't think Mark Bonokoski would be idle for long after being ousted from Sun Media in July after an  award-winning run since 1974. 
As the Toronto Star announced Friday: In other staffing changes at Queen’s Park, Tory Leader Tim Hudak has named legendary former Toronto Sun columnist Mark Bonokoski to be his director of communications.

The seasoned journalist in 2000 made an unsuccessful bid for the Canadian Alliance nomination in the federal riding of Nepean-Carleton, but was seen as too moderate by right-wing Reformers in the local association.

TSF agrees with the "legendary" part and he is the right man for the job. Our only hope is Mark will continue to pen the occasional, non-political Bono whimsy on his blog.

Congrats, Mark.
BTW: Perhaps the Star beat the Conservatives to the punch in announcing Bonokoski's appointment. We couldn't find a press release from Hudak's office anywhere online into early Saturday. 
It was Tweeted, but no official press release that we could find.


  1. That proves there is life beyond this heartless company. Congrats to Mark.
    Off the topic, have there been many Sun Media employees who successfully sued the company? I'm a long-time (but not as long as some of you) Sun Media employee who has been told by a lawyer that I have an "excellent" case against them and their law firm is willing to take my case. If I sued, do you think the CBC would be interested in the story? haha couldn't resist.

  2. If you are an active employee, what are you going to sue for?

  3. I don't plan to be active when I sue. I know that when it starts very soon that I will be walking away from my job but I feel like I have no choice. This company doesn't listen or care about any of its employees.

  4. If you are basing your case on the fact a company doesn't listen or care, you have no case. Further, you have no case if you walk away unless the issue of constructive dismissal arises.

  5. Thank you for that. I didn't want to give any details on what I'm basing my case on so they can't identify me. A lawyer has gone through it and said I have an excellent case against them. You sound knowledgeable and I would like to say more but can't.

  6. A lawyer who specializes in labour law has reviewed it and says I have an excellent case. I trust his expert opinion.