Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Paper - Ontario's new monthly independent

Another former Sun Media staffer has launched a free newspaper, this time a Clinton-based monthly print/online edition to serve the Huron Region.

As a TSF blog poster says: "There is a new newspaper in Huron County, which is founded by (Cheryl Heath) a Sun Media castaway. Check out The Paper on Facebook)"

The Paper's website reads:

The Paper is an independent monthly publication, which is dedicated to bringing local businesses, services, retailers, and community-service organizations together with the region’s readership. 

It is designed with those age 40+ in mind, and is distributed to a number of targeted 55+ communities and seniors homes in Huron County. It is also available at a number of independent convenience stores and one book store.

Its editorial content is produced by local writers, and is edited by Cheryl Heath, a veteran print journalist with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Cheryl, a Windsor native, has worked in weekly, biweekly and daily newspapers in Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta. 

Cheryl and her husband, Russell, moved to the area in 2003, out of a keen desire to enjoy life in a circa 1864 Georgian home in the small community of Clinton, while working at a corporate publication. That corporation restructured in 2012, casting Cheryl adrift. She chose The Paper out of a firm belief that despite protestations to the contrary, there are still people out there – though granted mostly those 40-plus – who appreciate the printed word. And for those who don’t, there is always thus, the online edition. 

The Paper is aimed at those who are seeking locally sourced and produced features, photography, opinion pieces, stories, recipes and comments, and more information on locally operated businesses, restaurants, and retailers. 

The Paper is also an advocate for the county, its residents, and economic development. The Paper strives to promote the interests and goals of Huron County’s residents and business community. As such, The Paper strives to promote businesses and services in Huron County, while also sharing the stories of those who choose to call Huron County home, meaning both those with long proud roots in the community, like sixth-generation dairy farmers, to the former city folk who chose to say “goodbye, city life!” and with the green acres they now are  here.

The Paper welcomes you, the reader, to get involved, and perhaps more importantly, invest your time, if not your only yours dollars, in God’s country, which is also promoted through the Huron Tourism Association as Ontario’s West Coast. 

TSF welcomes another new Ontario independent.


  1. Good for you Cheryl! Another one our Sun Media reporters, Heather Wright has also joined the forces and started her own paper in Petrolia.

  2. more changes to London Free Press, outside distributor has been named to make all deliveries in southwest Ontario. What a mess. How many days till the November cull?