Thursday 26 April 2007

Len Fortune email

An e-mail from Len Fortune, veteran Toronto Sun graphics staffer who called it quits recently:

"Hi gang,
I agree whole-heartily with Wayne Janes' most recent e-mail.

The Toronto Sun Family site is needed and does a great service, but in the last few weeks it has taken on a "definite funereal air" as so eloquently put by Janes.

Although I am on the sidelines now, I still cheer and pray for those in the trenches at the Sun - and I still feel a responsibility both to all the friends I left behind and to the memory of Doug Creighton - I fret we'll never see his likes again. Let us not confuse Doug with Ol' Joe.

To (TSF), I humbly ask that the Sun site be tempered, balanced (whatever) with some of the good news from 333 - treat the site as a news story where balance, accuracy and fairness is the order of the day.

And before I forget, I would like to thank Lester Pyette, Tim Peckham and Linda Barnard for their kinds words published on this site.

To the brave souls of 333 King St. E.

Keep up the good fight.

Love, as always, Len Fortune"

Thank you for your e-mail Len.

We are always looking for good news from 333 King Street East, but when key people like you, Al Cairns, John Downing and others call it quits out of frustration, that is not good news.

When e-mail after e-mail from anonymous staffers arrive with negative comments about the direction of the Sun and the workplace environment, that is not good news.

Good news? Bring it on.

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