Wednesday 4 April 2007

Linda Barnard email

An e-mail from Linda Barnard, a former Toronto Sun and London Free Press reporter now working in the Toronto Star's entertainment department:

"I'm beginning to think the Grim Reaper has pitched a tent in the atrium at the Sun. I was especially saddened to hear about Len Fortune's departure. When people like him, the true backbone of the Sun, walk out, it shows just how desperate things are at 333 King East.

"I am so saddened to see a vibrant business that once ruled the roost in this town as an unbeatable paper, a place I loved, respected and would have done anything for, reduced to such a hollow, gasping thing.

"The few who hang on and hang in there in the newsroom have my respect and admiration. They are the only ones keeping Doug's vision alive. I can just hear Vez's voice saying, "they're a bunch of marvelous goddamn bastards."

Thank you for your e-mail, Linda. Spoken from the heart.

Linda has also contributed to our Farewell Messages posting, with her memories of Len Fortune's years at the Sun.

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