Thursday, 7 October 2010 cuts?

One source does not make a TSF item, but maybe others can confirm the tech team at 333 was pink-slipped on Wednesday. 

This was one of dozens of comments posted at in reaction to PKP's column yesterday:

Ex-CANOER October 6th 2010, 5:05pm What is most interesting is this editorial is published on the exact day when the entire technology team at, as well as other employees in other divisions were given their pink slips by the company. PKP has obviously moved onto another plaything and once that loses its shine, it will be something else. CANOE has been on failing life support for more than 10 years. Once a leader, now, not even a follower.

So, what was the body count?

What's happening at Canoe?

Were there layoffs elsewhere in Quebecorland? 


  1. The body count was minimal (don't know exact numbers -- maybe 4 or 5) because most jumped ship before they pulled the plug.

    They are farming out all the tech work from Montreal now.

  2. The comment above is accurate; there are only 6 Canoe web development/technicians staffers left as all the rest left the company. One Canoe staffer leaves October 29th; the other 5 at the end of the year. 4 Canoe Directors/managers were flipped to Sun Media so this leaves only the designers who report to Montreal. Nurun was to take over this end and redevelop the Canoe site and once this group is gone, I'm sure that is what will happen - in Montreal.

    But it was this way with Bowes, Osprey, now Canoe and who's next? This time next year, I bet it will be Nurun who gets "assimilated". It's the Quebecor way - convergence, right?

  3. It makes me laugh that the internal newsletter was (is?) called Convergence :)

  4. off to india...