Monday, 29 January 2007

Dennis Earl blog

Dennis Earl is a Hamilton blogger/writer with a keen interest in the ongoing carnage at the Toronto Sun. He makes a few good points in his most recent blog in picking up on the byline protest Friday and the wearing of black on Thursday to protest the most recent layoffs.

Dennis, crediting this blog for reporting on the protest, wonders how readers and other media would know about the protest without a press release or public statements.

"How many Friday readers noticed this, of course, is hard to know for sure," he says of the absence of bylines. "One wonders if any of them realized that it was a union protest."

A published photograph of Sun staff in black would have said it all, he says.

Dennis agrees with the Toronto Sun Family when it says the silence of Sun columnists in the ongoing battering of the tabloid they love is deafening.

Says Dennis: "Where are the angry columns from longtime pundits? Why no special comment from the editors? Where are those brave souls willing to spill their guts online? In other newspapers? On television? On the radio? They are nowhere to be found."

As we told Dennis, we are waiting for a very public "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore" comment by a brave Sun columnist before more bodies are tagged by Quebecor for quiet exits into the night.

How many more parties for parting Sun colleagues will Betty's, the local unofficial but hospitable press club on King Street East, be hosting before the lights are turned off?

Stay tuned.

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