Friday, 12 January 2007

Pump & Dump

Sun Media's tactics in the personnel department are sounding much like the old Bay Street penny stock "pump and dump" routine.

Pump and dump colourful TV writer Bill Brioux.

Pump and dump Readership Editor Alison Downie.

Pump and dump Val Gibson's Sunday Sun column.

Who's next? Check your local billboards and TV and radio commercials.

Eric Margolis has been spending more time in the Toronto Sun's deserted newsroom and on Sun TV. That is bothersome.

The enlightened columnist is a rare breed - a 21st century political analyst who wades through all of the American propaganda and tells it like it is in Iraq, Washington and elsewhere.

But Eric's fresh air analysis is much like a new television series you enjoy. Your enjoyment increases the odds of the series being axed prematurely.

So get out of the newsroom, Eric. Flee to the nearest bureau and out of the scope sight of the bean counters. We don't want to lose you.

Other people Sun Media can't afford to lose include Andy Donato, Mike Strobel and Mark Bonokoski.

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