Friday, 12 January 2007

Sunday Sun

In her final Sunday Sun column, Val Gibson hinted Sun Media has a makeover in mind for the Sunday paper.

Would that be an extreme makeover, or just more minor meddling with a once successful Sunday Sun format?

Be gentle. We are finding it more difficult by the week to justify paying $2.12 for the thinning Sunday Sun. The recent departure of Max Haines left a big void on our must-read list.

We have to wonder if Mike Burke-Gaffney and other former Sunday Sun editors who saw Sunday Sun circulation rocket past 300,000, 400,000 and 500,000 in the glory years weep silently.

In our books, Burke-Gaffney is one of the unsung heroes at the Sun. He was at the helm for many Sunday Sun milestones, including passing 500,000 in Sunday sales.

Each and every circulation milestone in the early upswing years naturally called for a lavish Doug Creighton endorsed party to say thanks to Sun staff.

There are no parties for downturns.

But if Sun Media is taking notes:

The TV guide listings have become a pain for those who put their faith in the (N) as in new episode. New episodes are often not listed with an (N) making PVR scheduling frustrating.

Your TV guide sports listings now include poker, but why ignore requests for CITY-TV's Professional Poker Tour and World Poker Tour listings? And how about NBC's new Poker After Dark?

Your TV guide Crossword could be a little more challenging, although it does feel rewarding to be able to breeze through it week after week.

Jim Thomson continues to write an interesting video column, but why is his e-mail address not mentioned for the benefit of readers?

With the retirement of Max Haines, why not fill the void by introducing Toronto's first weekly Cold Case column? Work your way across Ontario writing about the most baffling cold cases. Offer rewards for arrests and convictions.

Max Haines' solid feedback and ratings should tell you readers can't get enough well-written crime stories.

Be innovative, as were the Sun's founders and editors in the early years. The Sunday Sun was the first to introduce a video column, first with a lottery/gambling column, first with a weekly crime flashback column.

The Sunday Sun is still worth a $2.12 investment out in the boondocks. We are just anxious about the direction Sun Media will take with its rumoured makeover.

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