Friday, 26 January 2007

Job seekers

A dozen laid off Toronto Sun staffers, from Day Oner Sherry Johnston to popular TV critic Bill Brioux, have come to the end of the trail.

More than a few brews were hoisted last night at a sendoff party for the latest staffers to be shown the door at 333 King Street East.

Maryanna Lewyckyj, a 22-year employee who exits as assistant Money editor, was among those in a local bar trying to cope with the new reality of being unemployed.

Sherry Johnston's departure is incredulous after brightening the newsroom with her smile for more than three decades.

She was also Andy Donato's capable right-hand woman for numerous years and, overall, a loyal Sun staffer.

We will miss Bill Brioux's entertaining TV coverage and his weekly tribute to Jennifer Love Hewitt's golden globes. The Sun's TV coverage just got dimmer.

Others now looking for employment: John Simpson, copy editor; Tania Pereira, copy editor; Laura Bobak, copy editor; Mark Keast, sports editor; Natalie Pona, reporter; Brett Clarkson, reporter; Scott Stevenson, mail messenger; April Novak, typist; Manuela Foliero, typist.

The Sun has also lost four other layoff-related jobs. Veteran award-winning photographer Fred Thornhill, veteran writer
Sandy Naiman and reporters Dave Henderson and Kim Bradley took buyouts to save the jobs of others.

Fred Thornhill's departure leaves only two veteran members of the photo desk's Dream Team from the 1970's and 1980's - Stan Behal and Michael Peake.

Sandy Naiman's departure reminds current and former staffers how much she has contributed to our understanding of the true meaning of the "Family" in Sun Family.

Collectively, that is a lot of talent out the door.

Just call this Blue Friday.

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