Wednesday, 21 February 2007

16 ad reps out

The gutting of the Toronto Sun continued today with 16 advertising sales representatives being shown the front door, sources say.

One source said chopping the 16 non-union jobs at the ever shrinking Sun building at 333 King Street East is a step toward a Sun/24 Hours advertising staff merger.

Another source said "I'm hearing several different numbers at this point."

Whatever the number, it makes us wonder if the sale of 333 King Street East and a complete merger of Sun and 24 Hours staff will arrive sooner than rumoured.

The building that the feisty, successful tabloid built in 1975 is quickly becoming a morgue, void of the daily bustle that once made employees in every department proud inhabitants.

You only have to watch the live Sun TV broadcasts at 6 p.m. to witness the sparsity of reporters and editors at their desks and walking about the Sun newsroom.

Quebecor media profits are up, morale and the employee count are down. The buzz word is "convergence" and past performance be damned. Tunnel vision thrives in the corporate offices.

1 comment:

  1. Profits are up...and that's all that matters! The bottom line...not quality news reporting or the efforts of ads sales people who make it happen for Quebecor...
    Oh "Ivory Tower" please keep Pierre Karl safe and warm and filthy rich, until his own self-demise cometh. And it will...=)