Monday, 26 February 2007

Ken Robertson book

Ken Robertson, a Toronto Sun Day Oner and former city editor, has a new book on the market - Windcharm: A Dream Delayed.

At 84, Ken is as busy as ever at the computer keyboard, working out of his remote Barrie-area retreat he calls Windcharm.

Ken says he elaborates on three favourite roles in his life - sailor, soldier and journalist. His fourth love is Windcharm, where he often holds court with media buddies to reminisce.

This is his profile from his new book:

"Of all the jobs Ken Robertson has had, there was only one he did not like. He kept it for as long as he could tolerate it - less than three hours. You can read about it in a chapter of the Windcharm book called Deck Memories, on which the author and his friends spend many evenings spinning tales of their adventures as soldiers, sailors, reporters, news photographers and radio personalities.

"He has been a salesman, a trucking company owner, a licensed private investigator, a charter boat owner/skipper, a marine equipment businessman, a licensed Ontario fishing guide, a reporter/photographer and city editor for large daily papers and a television station, a government communications supervisor and, best of all, he avows, a freelance writer and the builder-owner and chief cook and bottle washer of Windcharm, the place of his dreams. Mind you, all this took place over more than 80 years of great living."

Ken was among the 62 out-of-work Tely staffers who moved from the defunct Tely to the new Toronto Sun on Nov. 1, 1971. He made his exit in the summer of 1975 but kept close ties to Sun staffers over the years.

You can read more about Ken's new book at Trafford Publishing.


  1. Hi all, I have read the book, and it is genuinely funny and insightful, a great long weekend book. I am slightly biased, I suppose, my picture is inside the book on the first page, Ken is my grandfather, but still, it is an excellent read.
    -Mike Tymczyszyn
    Writer and Corporate Sales Guy
    the next generation

  2. Thank you, Ken
    Your writings have transformed a handyman's story of how to build a wilderness cabin into a book that will live forever as Ken Robertson's inspirational story of how to live a life.

    We all want to live there. You keep doing this to us all again and again, Mr. Windcharm. Don't stop!

    Once again, thank you.

    Jack and Linda Hutton

  3. Jack Hutton is right. Once you pick up Windcharm, you can't put it down. I don't expect to communicate with the outside world until I finish it.
    Very best regards

    Mike Carmichael (ret. journalist)