Friday, 23 February 2007

Ad reps deux

When word leaked of a mass firing of Toronto Sun advertising representatives, the number from our first source was 16. Another source wishing to remain anonymous said later it was seven.

We said whatever the number, it did not bode well for the shrinking Toronto Sun.

Well, a third anonymous source did not have the number of non-union ad reps fired, but did say a merger of Sun and 24 Hour ad reps is "apparently" a done deal.

The latest source writes:

"Apparently 24 and Sun ad staff have been merged and staff have been told it's just a matter of time before both newsrooms are merged."

We remember when Toronto Sun management was up front about the tabloid's employee and business happenings.

But you wouldn't recognize today's Toronto Sun as the major daily newspaper that once ranked among the Top 100 Canadian companies with favourable workplace environments.

Paranoia strikes deep in the land of Quebecor. The tabloid is mired in office gossip and employees are terrified of losing their jobs. The paranoia extends to suspicions that incoming and outgoing e-mails message are being monitored.

A couple of staffers have said they did not receive e-mails sent from the Toronto Sun Family blog to their Sun e-mail addresses. Maybe we are being filtered as hazardous spam.

Freedom of speech? Freedom of the press?

The lobotomy of the Toronto Sun appears to be nearing completion, less than a decade after Quebecor purchased Sun Media.

Note: We will add the names of the ad reps fired if we receive them and we will quote any of the ad reps if they want to comment on the firings. Just e-mail us.

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