Saturday, 24 February 2007

Bill Brioux at CP

When Bill Brioux made his exit from the Toronto Sun in January, we knew the laid off TV critic wouldn't be idle for long. Much too talented to be unemployed.

Well, he's back.

Bill Brioux bylines began popping up on Canadian Press TV features on the Internet and in newspapers across Canada earlier this month.

It is ironic, but one of his Canadian Press features was posted on, Sun Media's online news service. It was posted Thursday, Feb. 22, but was gone by the time we got to it a day later. In its place, a "requested document could not be found " message.

Pulling the plug on a feature that quickly is rather odd because online Canoe features tend to linger on the Net for months, even years.

It will be interesting to see if Sun Media boycotts Bill's future CP features. After all, it was rumoured he was targeted at the Sun for his frequent jabs at CTV's Ben Mulroney, son of the former prime minister, who sits on Quebecor's board.

The Brampton-based TV writer, who wrote for Canada's TV Guide before hired by the Sun, is again being read coast to coast, including CanWest publications like the Times Colonist in Victoria, B.C.

The Sun's big loss is CP's big gain.

Working with Bill at CP is film writer Lee-Ann Goodman, another former Sun staffer.

Have to thank blogger Dennis Earl for the heads up. Dennis writes more about Bill and his popular Puck Soup short film competition entry at

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