Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Doug in focus

There was something about TSF's photo of Doug Creighton, added several months after this blog was launched, that caught the eye of a faithful reader.

"One thing I have noticed each time I open your page is the picture of Doug Creighton," the loyal reader said in an e-mail yesterday. "It looks like it was copied on a severe angle from another photo. It makes him look a little skewed."

It was an accurate observation: The photo was taken on an angle to avoid camera flash flare from our favourite photo of Doug.

The e-mail would have been enough to have us try again, but this considerate TSF fan took readership to another level.

"I have used a few Photoshop tricks to try and return it/him to his original dimensions. He was, after all, larger than life."

Thanks to the reader, who asked to remain anonymous, our photo of the Toronto Sun's much loved founding publisher is no longer skewed.

Much appreciated.

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