Sunday, 31 August 2008

OttSun photogs -2

What seemed like a positive sign from the Ottawa Sun the other day - a Help Wanted ad for a photographer - turns out to be the aftermath of more staff abandoning ship.

Reliable sources say Blair Gable, an award-winning young photographer, quit the job recently and fellow-photog Darren Calabrese followed him out the door.

Word is the Help Wanted ad posted online and elsewhere is to fill both vacancies, not just one.

One TSF tipster says "considering both are young (in their mid-late twenties) and have not secured jobs elsewhere, it is an odd and very perplexing situation."

You said it.

Sun Media just can't hold on to its promising and award-winning young photographers. They are moving on to other jobs after winning key awards.

Why is that? Are they losing interest with this new focus on multi-media tasking?

So what's the story, Blair and Darren?

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