Sunday, 31 August 2008

SNL & reality

Maybe it's mad cow, but we're having a very difficult time keeping John McCain's Saturday Night Live skits separate from his ongoing campaign for president.

It got fuzzier when the aging, 72-year-old Republican war vet with a medical history named an unknown, gun-toting, anti-abortionist mother of five currently under police investigation in Alaska as his running mate.

John and Sarah should keep SNL in material through election day, but the reality is if American voters elect another Republican president after eight disastrous years with George W. at the helm, tighten your belts and dig those trenches a little deeper.

And should McCain die while in office . . .

We shudder.

Republicans in '08: Simply resistible.

As Dennis Kucinich said in his kick-ass speech: Wake up America.

What say Sun Media's Eric Margolis, our favourite political analyst?

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