Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Bono countdown?

It is Sept. 1.

Can we begin the countdown to the return of Sun vet Mark Bonokoski as master story teller?

His columns have been noticeably absent this summer, as highlighted in a recent Letter to the Editor from a Sunday Sun reader:

"Bring back Bono

Where is Mark Bonokoski? Page 6 is just not the same. Sunday used to be my favourite day to read the paper. I would get up at 5:30 a.m., grab the paper, make the coffee and read the news. I’d save the best for last - Page 6. Please bring back Bono and page 6.

Karen Shepherd

(He’s been kidnapped to write national editorials. We’re open to accepting ransom)"

Right on, Karen. You are not alone.

The point is Bono's talents are being wasted with anonymous editorials. Readers who have been faithfully following his columns throughout the week for decades are being short-changed.

Also being wasted are opportunities to tell the stories of people who need his understanding ways and his award-winning writing skills.

A Sun story said his national editorial writing stint would be a summer assignment.

So, can we begin the countdown?

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  1. Is Bonokoski the one who wrote the anonymous national editorials Aug 18 & Aug 22, 2010 on the Tamil migrant ship? I hope not but if so, I couldn't agree more that he needs to be removed from that position.

    That editorial was an embarrassment for the paper and the country. Whoever wrote it should be thankful their name wasn't attached to it. Of course I doubt it would have been written otherwise.