Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Brockbank exits

Chris Brockbank, a Sun Media exec for two years, is calling it quits and moving on to a new job at another company, says a TSF tipster.

"He has resigned out of frustration," says the tipster.

Brockbank, a senior marketing specialist, left Sirius Satellite Radio in the spring of 2008 to join Sun Media as vice-president of marketing.

His Toronto-based Sun responsibilities included working "with the company's leadership team, publishers and promotions departments to strengthen relationships with readers, advertisers and the communities served by Sun newspapers."

In July 2009, he was promoted to vice-president, marketing and print product management, which included the additional responsibility of "overseeing the 24 Hours product for the entire Sun Media chain."

It's the new Sun Media - corporate multi-tasking.

Prior to Sirius, Brockbank worked for BCE and a satellite communications company in the UK.


  1. What a mountain to climb...without a rope by the way. Sorry when I read strengthen relationships i fell off my chair. All we do day in and day out is tick off our readers, provide poor reproduction on our ads and where did PKP decide to do anyting for the communities served by these newspapers? Layoff workers, move work to India. Oh that mustbe the a community in India sorry now I get it.

  2. Perhaps they should install a revolving door at the entrance to 333 and just put a sign above it saying 'EXIT'