Friday 24 September 2010

Righting wrongs

Sun Media has corrected a wrong in rehiring Peter Zimonjic, one of Tory Kory's six casualties.

When Kory moved to Sun Media, soon gone from the Parliamentary bureau were Greg WestonElizabeth Thompson, Christina Spencer, Peter Zimonjic and Kathleen Harris.
A Thursday afternoon Zimonjic Tweet reads: "The Ottawa Sun has a new Comment Editor and Columnist: Me, and no I am not kidding …"

It is not the Parliamentary bureau, but it is Ottawa and a resurrection of Peter's talents.

Harris was moved from the bureau to national  news and Spencer has been writing for Postmedia, so still adrift are Weston and Thompson. 

And Eric Margolis, another body set adrift after 27 years as an op-ed columnist. 

Just how many wrongs will Sun Media correct in its effort to clean up the Tory Kory mess? 

Peter's return is an encouraging first move.

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