Saturday, 30 December 2006

Bye Bye '06

As the sun sets on another year at the broadsheet tabloid called the Toronto Sun, questions about its direction and its future linger.

Are readers abandoning the Sun in favour of other news sources, or simply because it is no longer the quick-read, unpredictable, sassy Sun they have known and loved?

Why does the Sun ignore the results of national polls and its own readership polls?

If it did listen, Paris whatshername (93% of readers polled said they couldn't care less about Paris) would have been banished months ago.

And Canada's more militant role in Afghanistan (opposed by more than 60% of Canadians) wouldn't be given two or three upfront Sun pages at a time.

Does Quebecor listen to Peter Worthington? This is what Peter had to say in the Toronto Sun's 36-page, 35th Anniversary special in November:

"While change is inevitable, it should be done for a reason - not change for the sake of change. No need to re-invent the wheel, but considerable need to build on existing strengths. A lot of what worked 20-30 years ago is valid today."

You said it, Peter.

Speaking of what worked 20 to 30 years ago . . .

Have Sun editors forgotten the effective edict - no news story should be continued on another page for the benefit of readers wanting a quick tabloid news fix?

Damn, three full upfront pages of stories and photos devoted to Saddam's execution. We'd buy the broadsheet Star, Globe or Post if we wanted that kind of coverage.

Can the Sun call itself a competitive Toronto daily newspaper with a skeleton news staff and morale that is now in the basement?

How many more pink slips in 2007?

How long will Quebecor milk the shrinking, but still profitable, Toronto Sun before selling it to yet another owner?

Would the Sun be in a better groove today if purchased by the Toronto Star in 1998?

Will the Sun ever shine again?

While we won't always have Paris, we do have the glory years of the Sun to remember.

Happy New Year, Toronto Sun Family.

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