Sunday, 24 December 2006

Christmases Past

Nothing put the "family" in Toronto Sun Family more than the celebration of Christmas at 333 King Street East.

The Christmas party, the decorations.

And a firm handshake from Doug Creighton during a reception in a festive sixth floor boardroom, with SUNshine Girls, refreshments. cookies and a cop.

Doug's handshake said "thank you for your part in making the Sun a success story."

Beside Doug, a table covered with sealed envelopes and in each and every envelope was a week's pay - in cash - for employees. (Thus, the cop.)

With the cash, an illustrated Christmas card showing the Three Wise Men - co-founders Doug, Peter Worthington and Don Hunt - wishing us all a Merry Christmas.

And the Sun being what it was in those years, we did have merry Christmases and a lot of happy new years.

So Santa, can you help save our Sun?

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