Friday, 8 December 2006

The Reunion

Nov. 18, 2006

It all started when veteran Sun photog Stan Behal suggested to former staffers Pauline Comeau and Bill Sandford: "Why don't we get a few people together for some drinks."

Pauline spearheaded the challenge to contact all former and current Sun staffers to ask them to assemble Nov. 18, 2006, at the posh Dominion Club at the corner of King and Yonge Streets.

Assemble we did - more than 150 familiar faces from 35 years of Sun days in various departments - for a five-hour journey down memory lane. From former staffer Ray Biggart, the Sun's first city editor, to several Day Oners still on the job: Andy Donato, John Downing and Christina Blizzard, and other current employees, Lorrie Goldstein, Sam Pazzano, Rob Lamberti, Veronica Henri, Michael Peake, Stan Behal etc.

There were a lot of memories in that room and the seed that gave birth to this Toronto Sun Family blog.

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  1. Anybody able to tell me what happened to Fraser Perry, Edmonton Sun Day One staffer?