Friday, 8 December 2006

Fired: 90's, 2000's

Well, it was another sad day at 333 King St E.

On Thursday, Nov. 3, the axe fell on 16 more editorial employees. This is the latest round of layoffs at what is being described as a "very unpleasant place."

Union rep Brad Honywill told the Toronto Star the most visible Sun newsroom employee slated for layoff Thursday was entertainment writer Bill Brioux, recently featured in Sun ads across Toronto alongside other prominent Sun personalities.

The tagline for the ad was: "Five great reasons to read the Sun."

"I guess now there are four reasons," Honywill said.

Also affected by the layoffs, assistant money section editor Maryanna Lewyckyj, a 22-year veteran Sun staffer.

Former and current staffers wore "Save Our Sun" stickers at the recent Sun reunion party. Maryanna and other current staffers at the party have now joined the ranks of the screwed. Our hearts and hands go out to the latest casualties. We've been there.

PKP is determined to create a lightweight paper whose cookie cutter, assembly line concept, borrowed from General Motors and McDonald's Restaurants apparently, creates dull boring and unappetizing product but it does produce them cheaply with high profit margins .... as long as someone will willing to buy or at least advertise in them.

Doug Creighton would weep if he saw his beloved Sun being ravaged, as do we.

To the last person to leave the newsroom: please turn off the lights.

We will list all of the latest casualties when we get them.

You can comment on the latest layoffs in this blog or by e-mail.

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